Finding the Church

I used to go to school in North Carolina. I went to a seminary and met some great people. This is where God started to change the way I understood the church. Being around these people was an amazing opportunity for me. I was able to learn from these people, both by their words and their actions. It was stuff I had never heard before, and who knows if I hadn’t been down there how I ever would have come across these ideas. For a lot of people that seems to be the situation, you do what you do because you have never heard any different.

Well, then I moved away from that environment, back to the “real world” so to speak, and away from the huge wealth of resources available to me by being around those great people. I now find myself struggling to find that type of community where I am. There are many great people around me, people I have learned a great deal from, but I have not come across many folks who are interested in organic church life. This is why I started this blog, to find those people, if they are out there, and to encourage others to start thinking about their understanding of church and maybe grow the community that way as well.

My wife and I desperately want to be a part of the community of believers in our area, we want real meaningful relationships with other believers that change all of our lives, challenge our understanding, and help us grow closer to Christ. We want to be a part of a group that recognizes and encourages the spiritual gifts of all the members, so that the Spirit can use us all to encourage each other and glorify Christ in us.

Are there others out there who are in this situation? Is there anyone who has been through this and can offer some insight?

We truly want to be the church, but first we must find the church.


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