Thank You!

Alan Knox linked here, which you probably know, since you probably followed that link here! I just want to thank Alan for his encouragement with this and in general over the last few years!

I have had quite a few hits today due to that link so I also want to thank you for taking a minute of your day to check out this blog! It is encouraging to know that people are interested in what we are doing.

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Again Thanks for checking out the blog!


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2 responses to “Thank You!

  • Jack Watkins

    Greetings Dan,

    I am a big fan of Alan’s. I have learned a lot from him. We have been walking with an organic group of believers for about 1 1/2 years now here in Texas. It had been brewing in us for several years.

    To get started we began inviting people over for a Thursday night gathering. I did a little teaching in the beginning about community, “one another” ministry, etc and God really blessed it. The focus was to draw the gifts out of each other to edify, encourage and bless one another.

    We are still meeting. It is different every time we meet. We now try to meet as often as is possible in other venues. A local park, breakfast, asking a family over for dinner. Anything to encourage relationship and getting to know one another. There is no formula for “success” in meeting this way. However, I believe we must declare the Kingdom of Heaven, focus on Jesus and love one another. Out of that community relationship the Gospel flows.

    Anyway I encourage you to invite people to your home. Let Jesus reign! He is the Good Shepherd/Pastor.

    BTW. I spent five days in your beautiful state last month in the Bangor area. Had a great time. Enjoyed the cooler weather and fresh lobster. Blessings.

    Jack Watkins

    • dmallen

      Jack, thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks for briefly sharing your story! It is very encouraging to see other people who are seeking to be the church as the New Testament prescribes!

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