Conversing with Norma about Raising Kiddos

Having three young kids my wife and I are trying to work through this whole parenting thing so we appreciate any help along the way! Norma at My Church Journey wrote a post: it takes a family to raise a child? or a church? or a village? or? which I found very insightful and helpful.  I left her a comment thanking her and sharing a few of my thoughts, to which she responded, to which … well it turned into a conversation really. She posted the conversation here: raising our children in community? – a conversation in hopes of getting some input from others.

  • Have you raised kids?
  • Are you raising kids?
  • Are you thinking of having kids?

If so please read Norma’s posts and contribute to the conversation. I would love to hear people’s thoughts and I’m sure Norma would as well!


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