Weekly Update: 07.18.10

I want this blog ultimately to chronicle our story as our understanding of the church grows and as we begin to exercise that understanding. To that end I think posting at least once a week to talk about what we are up to at the time is a worthwhile exercise.

Right now what are we doing? A Lot!(this read “Not Much” when I first saved this draft last Monday!)

We are trying to clarify what we believe so that we are not confusing people when we share our understanding of the church with them. I have learned two things through this: My  understanding is much less developed then I thought and I may never be able to systematize and simplify what I believe about the church or anything for that matter! It has actually been a very helpful exercise though and has really helped me to connect the dots so to speak between all kinds of separate opinions and thoughts rolling around in my head. I would encourage anyone trying to work through a tough issue to take a few minutes to assess and structure what they think. It may help you to see where there is inconsistency in your thoughts and may surprise you with the connections that are there which you hadn’t seen before.

I went to a few house/organic church websites looking for people in our area interested in organic church life and found very little information. This lead me to decide to be slightly more proactive.

I started this blog. It is an attempt to find other people interested in organic church life and make connections with those people.

I have made three or possibly four contacts in our great Pine Tree State: Bob in Lewiston, Bob in So. Portland, John in Freeport, and Keith the missions director for the SBC in Maine. I plan to meet John on Friday for lunch and am working out plans to meet with Keith for coffee soon!

Some friends of ours recently moved back to Maine from PA, why anyone leaves this great state I will never understand! They have invited us over for dinner this Thursday. They are interested in, and while in PA were a part of, a more Christ-centered-community oriented understanding of the church.  We are looking forward to that!

I have met several great folks in the blogosphere who have contributed to the comments on my blog as well as graciously responded to my comments on theirs. Thank you all!

I have seen SEVERAL posts relating to being a community of believers:

What’s next? We want to start making connections with the believers around us. They may not agree with everything we think about the church, hopefully not, but we think that this will be a good way to spark an interest among those whom we already know. We will try and do this through spending more time with these believers outside of the institutional environment: inviting them over for dinner, or a fire in the backyard, or something else along those lines. This will be more one on one type stuff then large gathering type stuff.

Please pray for us as we seek to learn and practically exercise in Southern Maine what we believe the New Testament calls the church to be.

And please continue to pray for Alan and Danny as they serve Christ in Ethiopia. You can follow them via the RSS feed in the right hand column of this page labeled “Alan and Danny in Ethiopia”


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