Reiterate: 07.24.10

Most viewed posts on The Ekklesia in Southern Maine for the week:

  • Jack Watkins on Community – “we must overcome our cultural bent to individualism, but if we can grow the way we see in the New Testament then I would call that a small price to pay!”
  • Does the Family Accept Our Family: a Link – “[Stephanie] talks about us being a non-traditional family, how the church reacts to our situation, and the struggles that she faces dealing with it.”
  • Baptism and the Sinner’s Prayer – “If we are doing something different from the way they did in the New Testament what is the impact of that difference?”

Some great posts I read on other blogs this week:

Also I wanted to share that I found a really cool blog that posts pictures semi-regularly from around Portland. They are great shots and really capture the “vibe” of the city. If you are from around here you will appreciate seeing the places you love captured in beautiful photography, if you aren’t from around here you may want to take the chance to get to know our city better: Portland Daily Photo


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