I just wanted to share briefly how God is working in our life. We were very alone in our walk for a long time. Now, I realize that this was almost entirely due to my own antagonistic view of the “institutional” church. When God started working in my heart to show me how wrong I had been for so long I felt like it was important to start trying to connect with other believers. That was the reason this blog started: simply to find other believers around our area, but God has used it in a much bigger way. Through comments and emails I have learned a great deal about God and the church.

What I really wanted to get at is how amazingly faithful He has been. About two days after putting up my first post I had received about three emails from other believers in our area. Since then I have probably gotten another four or five. I have had the opportunity to talk with many of these people, have lunch with some, coffee with some, have dinner with some, and some comment regularly on the blog and email back and forth with me. I seriously cannot tell you how amazing it has been to see God working in our lives, and really I haven’t done much of anything to bring that about.

What I find very encouraging is how other people are making connections through this blog. I got this email yesterday and was incredibly blessed by it:

A lady that read your post, read a comment that I left to you…she felt moved by the spirit to lend me a book on a struggle that I have been having.  I have never met this lady… she was given your web site from a mutual friend and sought me out.  I am anxious to read this book. You’ve got to love it, a sister in the Lord who listened to the spirit!

This was from a lady who I know has felt very isolated from the church, and now God is working in her life and showing her his love through fellow believers! God is truly amazing and I can’t believe how he is working in my life and the lives of those around me!


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