New Resources: 08.04.10

I just wanted to highlight a couple new (FREE!) eBooks I added to the resource section of the site:

  • The first is Simple/House Church Revolution by Roger Thoman which gives a good overview of what the church is called to be and to do according to Scripture and highlights how simple/house church ideas try to fulfill that calling. Great for anyone who wants to get a basic understanding of what this whole organic/simple/house church thing is all about.
  • The second is The Gospel: For Here or To Go? by Keith Giles (the link for the free download is right under the “Add to Cart” button). This short book talks about our call to share the Gospel as an entire lifestyle. While he talks a lot about loving people and caring for them he does not shy away from the necessity to share the content of the Gospel. This is not a “felt needs” Gospel being promoted, but a call to love people everyday so that the message of the true Gospel is evident in our lives.

I am planning on sharing a short review of each of these eBooks at some point in the next couple weeks so if you read either of them and say “well I don’t agree with that, what was Dan thinking?!?!” don’t be alarmed, I have some thoughts on each book both recognizing the value of them and raising issue with some of the content that I feel is questionable, but overall I think these are both great books worth reading!


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