Reiterate: 08.07.10

Top posts this week at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine:

  • Unity in My Terms – “It is not enough to say I seek unity with all fellow believers in Christ, but to only connect myself with those who see unity and see the church the way that I do.”
  • Weekly Update: 08.01.10 – “God is great and we are continuously amazed at the way he chooses to bless us!”
  • True to the Scripture: an email from a friend – “What makes the Bible … powerful and life transforming … is not the method or the packaging, the power is God’s Holy Spirit.

Some great posts I read on other blogs this week:

I came across another photo blog of the Portland area. It is called Unseen Portland and has photos by many different contributors. It has some great shots of the city so it’s worth checking out!

I don’t know if you have ever read the ASBO Jesus comicstrip blog but he has some pretty funny stuff there. I liked this strip from Monday:

Lastly I just wanted to let everyone know that Alan and Danny have been back from Ethiopia for about a week now and they have both posted some great stuff about their trip. If you get the chance check out:


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