Weekly Update: 08.08.10

Tomorrow is my Dad’s 50th birthday so Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Sunday afternoon we had dinner with Stephanie’s sister and brother-in-law. We hadn’t had a chance in a while to see them so that was really nice. We played cards, had some burgers, and chatted for a while. My brother-in-law and I talked about eschatology a little and that led to a good conversation about how to deal with differing views on theological topics. We talked a lot about the danger of villianizing people who disagree with you. It was a good conversation and something I need to continually remind myself of: “hey Dan, just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are stupid or evil and maybe, just maybe you can learn something from them!”

Wednesday we had pizza and cake at Stephanie’s parents’ for her Mom’s birthday. I think I may have gotten on her bad side when I sent her a link to AARP’s website as a birthday greeting! Stephanie’s grandparents were there. They are missionaries to Ukraine and I love talking with them. Her grandfather and I talked a lot about church, missions, culture, and unity. I will be tracking their next trip to Ukraine in September much like I did when Alan and Danny went to Ethiopia. Look for a guest post by Dave (Stephanie’s grandfather) in the next couple of weeks. We are praying about going on a trip with them next year.

Friday morning I had coffee with my brother, George. It was awesome to catch up with him for a few minutes. He works at a grocery store so he can’t really participate in traditional church, and lately he has been feeling really secluded from the rest of the body. We are going to start getting together more in the mornings and studying the Bible together. I am really looking forward to that!

I sent out an email trying to generate interest in a Greek study group and I told Stephanie I would be happy with 3 or 4 showing interest. I ended up with 5 responding. That was really exciting and we are trying to figure out the best approach, workload, and times for everyone. I think it is going to be really good!

We are looking for more ways to serve. It has been a burden on both of our hearts lately that we are called to care for those in need. There are several venues for providing help with local soup kitchens and care centers for the needy so we are just trying to get plugged into those programs. Much of my thinking early on was about what we wanted to get out of “church” and what we needed from our fellow believers and I am seeing more and more how misguided and self-centered that thinking is.

Breakfast with my mom one morning this week.

Lunch with John on Friday.

My Dad’s birthday party next weekend.

That’s pretty much what is going on for us.

Please pray that we would be willing and aware when God wants to use us. Pray that the relationships we are beginning will grow. Pray that we will grow in our understanding of the church, unity, and love.

Looking forward to the upcoming week. I will be sharing a short story I wrote as a four part series. Make sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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2 responses to “Weekly Update: 08.08.10

  • norma hill

    I love how you write these updates about your relational experiences during the past week. I have a tendency to think sometimes that “everyday things” are “just life” and “not ministry” — at least that was the way I was taught in the past, and I still too often find myself thinking that way and getting discouraged.

    I’m sitting here doing a bit of catch-up on my blog reading while my new grand-baby and parents are napping. I had an awesome visit with a young lady on part of the 15 hour bus ride here. And an opportunity to chat with my daughter’s mother-in-law for a couple hours yesterday – our “visits” before have never been more than 5 minutes. Both things I wouldn’t have seen in the past as “being the church”! Your posting reminded me – thanks again 🙂

  • Dan Allen


    Congratulations on the new grand-baby! What an awesome blessing!

    A big reason for me doing the weekly updates is because it challenges me to think through the past week and see what situations challenged and encouraged me spiritually. Many times I find that things I thought were mundane actually had a real impact. I’m glad that you find it encouraging! I know it helps and challenges me much more than I had expected! Glad to hear from you and I’m really happy for you and your family for the new little one!


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