The Flowers Part 1: Greenhouses

This is a pretty lengthy story and since I’m not a fan of reading really long blog posts I thought some other people might feel the same way so I broke it into smaller parts. I tried to divide it into logical parts so hopefully the breaking points aren’t too awkward.

Other Installments:

Disclaimer: the following is a fictional story. It is not intended to reflect correct historical order, real motives for different institutions and practices, or a thorough theological study. It simply illustrates a point. Thank you.

Once upon a time there was a Great Gardener. He came upon a dry and barren plot of land. He tilled the land and planted a seed in the land, he watered and nourished his seed and it grew into a beautiful flower. People were amazed by his flower and wanted to be a part of his gardening effort. So he taught the people to spread his seeds throughout the land, he taught them how to till the land, give the flowers sun and how to water and nourish the flowers. He instructed the people to write these instructions down in Journals for future growers. Soon his seeds had been planted throughout the whole land and what had once been a barren and desert place was now full of life and beauty.

The people were very happy and very enthusiastic to take part in the planting and growing of the Great Gardener’s flowers. They began to take a real interest in the flowers. Many were happy with the growing process presented by the Great Gardener but some started to worry that by being outside and exposed to the elements the flowers could get blown by strong winds or hurt by cold nights. To solve this problem these folks decided to build structures around the flowers. Before long all the flowers in the land were now inside green houses. It was somewhat disappointing not to be able to see all the beautiful flowers, but at least now they were all safe from the storms of the world. There were some who noticed that the flowers didn’t seem quite as bright and colorful as before, that their stocks did not stand up quite as straight and powerfully, but this was only noticed by a few and even those few weren’t sure if the flowers had really lost some of their vibrancy or if it was just that there wasn’t quite as much sunlight to show off the true beauty of the flowers. Either way, at least now the flowers across the land were safe and sound in their greenhouses.


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