Weekly Update: 08.16.10

I know this is a day late and anyone who has been itching to hear what has been going on, I apologize, but we had a really busy weekend.

Tuesday morning I had breakfast with my mom. I am really excited to see what God is doing in her life. God has really started to push her and work in her and she is asking a lot of great questions about church, love, unity, and faith. Breakfast with her was really nice!

Wednesday I met up with my brother, George for coffee. We had a great conversation. We are going to start studying the Scripture together every Wednesday morning. I am looking forward to that.

Wednesday evening Stephanie’s grandparents came over for a visit. As always, I had a great conversation with Dave (Stephanie’s Grandfather). He had some questions about my statement that “Jesus has the Holy Spirit” on my post about the good news in Acts. This led to some interesting talk about the trinity, the gospel, unity, and the church. We talked a lot about house churches in areas of persecution, which he has much experience with as a missionary, and the damage caused by the comfortable position American Christians enjoy.

Friday afternoon I had lunch with my friend from Freeport. That was awesome too! We had awesome food at the Great Lost Bear and talked a lot about the church. He encouraged me not to assume the worst from people. I had gotten really frustrated with some things I had heard about a couple pastors that week, and he really helped me work through that frustration and mellow out on some of my more extreme assumptions.

Saturday afternoon we went up to Brunswick to visit with my parents. We took the kids out to the park , and had hot dogs and ice cream. It was really nice to spend the day with my parents, and my mom took some great pictures of the kids!

Saturday evening was my dad’s 50th birthday. Stephanie got to meet a lot of the people I grew up with and we had a great time. It was a true backwoods-of-Maine party with couch burning and four wheelers!

Sunday George and his wife came over and we had a good friend who moved to NYC over. She was up on vacation and it was really nice to get together with her. We hadn’t seen her in a couple years, but we pretty much picked up where we had left off way back then. It was a great evening!

So yeah, it has been a super busy week!

Coming up:

Stephanie is having dinner with a couple girls she went to high school with. They haven’t really hung out since high school so I’m sure it will be really nice for everyone to catch up (I’m on baby duty so I’ll be having a fun evening playing with the kiddos!)

George and I are starting our studies in Scripture this week. We are planning on looking at Romans. We may also study some Greek together. He has never study the language so it will be cool to work through it with him.

As far as studying Greek as a larger group a couple of the guys aren’t going to be able to be involved due to other commitments and I am waiting to hear from a couple others but we will definitely start doing this with at least two of us in the fall!

Continuing to pray and find opportunities to serve those in need.

Continuing to seek direction regarding the gathering of the church. We are making a lot of connections and building a lot of relationships, but we are not gathering as a unit with these people, and we don’t know how that should look and what we should do regarding that. We have been enjoying a lot of great fellowship and encouragement and challenges from fellow believers and it has been a huge blessing and we are looking forward to this all developing into a closer community in Christ.

Please pray that we are given direction moving forward, and that we find opportunities to serve and take advantage of those opportunities.

Happy Monday!


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