Me or Them?

In Organic vs Institutional (in me?) I talked about the problems that I had previously seen as Institutional vs Organic really boiled down to me and where I was at in my heart. I demonstrated this through a few examples of good traits and bad traits and how those can both be exemplified in either setting.

Today I want to build on this. If the issue is not about different ways of doing things but really about where my heart is at and my willingness to love God and others then maybe I need to start thinking a lot more about the issues inside of me and less about the superficial issues (or surface issues – i don’t mean to say they are unimportant) I see in Institutional churches. I will demonstrate what I mean with yet another amazing table!:

The Institutional Church Me
Power hungry Clergy/Laity and hierarchical structures Wanting people to listen to me and think I’m great; conversely not wanting to listen to and submit to others
Pragmatic and Materialistic Asking for tithes and only giving 15% of offerings outside the local congregation Not helping my neighbors when they have needs, not considering how I can use my income to help others, and not taking responsibility to help others
Impersonal and distant Programs replace Relationships I keep my distance from others which means not being honest and open with them

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2 responses to “Me or Them?

  • Mark


    I agree. I think there is truth in what you say. While the institution tends to discourage mutual edification on a large level, being out of that is no guarantee that this will happen either. I went to a worship conference this weekend, put on by a dear brother of mine. After all I have said on my blog about community, when the rubber hits the road I am afraid of it, and at a very base level actually do not want to fellowship with those I do not know. I realize now that there is great mistrust among believers, and without a change of heart community will never occur.

    In addition, through this conference, the Lord has planted some seeds in my heart that are still coming to fulness in my heart. The thing I think we are missing, whether inside or outside the camp, is accountability in the body. We had accountability.before, supposedly, but not in the right spirit. I think we need to, as believers, submit ourselves to Christ (obviously), but also submit ourselves to good spiritual oversight, as the Lord has a very real purpose in the earth, and His bride has allowed herself to be stained for far too long.

  • Dan Allen


    “I realize now that there is great mistrust among believers, and without a change of heart community will never occur.” This is my biggest struggle, but it is much easier to blame the institutional church than it is to blame myself. Thanks for the comment!


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