Reiterate: 08.28.10

Top Posts this week at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine:

  • Organic vs Institutional (in me?) – “The way I interact with my fellow believers has nothing to do with this or that church model; it has everything to do with my love for God and others.”
  • Acts and Romans and The Good News – “we think about sharing the gospel we are much more guided by the book of Romans than the book of Acts”
  • Giving to God – “am I really giving to God, or am I trading money (paying) for services?”

And some posts I enjoyed reading this week:

and at Beauty for Ashes the author shares a really encouraging series on God freeing her from a spiritually abusive situation and how he has brought her peace and forgiveness:

Bonus Material:


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5 responses to “Reiterate: 08.28.10

  • Alan Knox


    I’m glad that you liked my post “Missing the Target.” I didn’t get any feedback on that post. I’d love to hear why you liked it.


  • mary kathryn tyson


    thanks so much for finding my story worthy of your page! i didn’t realize it would get as much attention as it received. truly, my prayer is that it would help someone see the forest for the trees in their own situation, or that it might provide hope and healing from someone who just got out.

    bless you, friend.


  • Dan Allen


    I didn’t really know what to comment on your post, but I found the idea very interesting. I think the reason we think more about people being like us then how close they are to Christ is because we generally think that we are right. If we could truly step back and look at the target and truly say “hey, this is where I am missing the target” then maybe it would be easier to accept people who also miss the target but in different ways, or people who are generally closer to the target. It was a great post and it really made me think about “how close to the target I am” so to speak because I think that is the beginning of understanding where others are and how to have unity with them even in our differences.

    Mary Kathryn

    What I found most encouraging about your story was not that you got out of the situation but that you overcame it. You got past the anger and leaned on God for strength and healing. I have a tendency to be angry and jaded when it comes to people mistreating and misleading me so it was really nice to see how God worked in you to get past that! Thanks for sharing your story!


  • Alan Knox


    Thank you. That’s what I was hoping people would take from that post. Of course, we can’t *know* how close we or others are to Christ. But, if our focus is Christ (and not ourselves), then I think it would be easier to relate to all who are in Christ.


  • Dan Allen


    I agree that focusing on Christ is the best way to approach the topic of unity!


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