Weekly Update: 08.29.10

Another month in the books! Unbelievable!

Well, since I didn’t post last weeks update until Tuesday that only leaves a few days to cover for the rest of the week.

George and I met for coffee on Thursday morning. We were going to study the Bible for a bit, but we ended up talking about some other stuff. It was really good stuff and I’m glad that we weren’t overly concerned with sticking to our plan. We talked about our lives and our faith and where we’ve come from and what we hope for. It was a very encouraging conversation!

I got an email from someone in the area looking to become part of a community of believers. Hopefully we will get the chance to meet and talk more. It is so exciting when I get emails like that out of the clear blue!

We went to a lobster bake yesterday at my aunt and uncles house. It was a lot of fun. It has sort of become a yearly tradition, and one that we look forward to very much. It was great to see all the kids playing together and getting to catch up with my cousins and extended family. A couple people mentioned that they enjoyed reading my blog which I found very encouraging because i didn’t really even know that any of them even knew this blog existed!

Dave and Joan are leaving today for Ukraine. Joan will be working with the local office of their mission group, Send, and Dave will mostly be teaching intensive courses at Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS). They will be gone for a month. Keep track of them in the RSS feed on the right labeled “Dave and Joan in Ukraine.”

I’m meeting George for one last time for coffee before him and his wife head out to Hawaii to visit his mom (jealous!). It’s funny because we have only been getting together for about a month now but I am really going to miss that time while they are gone for the next couple of weeks!

My brother-in-law and I are going to start moving forward with the Greek Study Group thing. We are just working out the best approach and times to get together. I think it’ll be cool!

Not much else going on.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to follow Christ by loving God and loving others.

Also pray for Dave and Joan as they spend the next month serving in Ukraine. We will miss them!


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