Weekly Update: 09.06.10

So I started this morning feeling very discouraged, like all the steam I had going into this had kind of faded out, and then God showed me some awesome things today!

I got two emails today.

The first one came from someone who had emailed me a couple months ago. I emailed him right back and hadn’t heard from him since. I figured that was that. He dropped me a line today just to say that he still would like to get together to talk more and he is “very interested in the house church idea.” that was awesome!

The second email came this afternoon from a gentleman in Norway (we have a lot of towns named after countries like China, Rome, and Norway anyway…) and he told me that he had stumbled upon the blog and wanted to talk more. His family has been gathering simply for a couple years, and shared how sometimes it can feel very isolating not to be part of a “conventional” church especially when living in a very rural area. I think I will be able to relate to this guy!

So these emails were really encouraging and I look forward to talking more with both of these guys! Also, I almost forgot that my friend from Freeport emailed me this week and shared about a conversation he had with a couple friends about possibly gathering in the Portland area. I am very excited to see where that goes as well!

So God is really working here in Southern (and Western) Maine!

George and his wife went to Hawaii to visit his mom for a couple weeks. I have already missed our coffee mornings together. It is kid of a bummer, but also really cool to see how much I have begun to really value this time with him. I hope they are having a great time, but I am very much looking forward to their return!

Stephanie’s grandparents are also still out of town. Please continue to pray for them. Their trip to Ukraine is going very well, and Dave posted an update to his blog yesterday. There is a link to it under the “Dave and Joan in Ukraine” RSS feed to the right. I have also really missed them, and look forward to their return. Dave and I have had some wonderful, challenging and encouraging conversations and I am looking forward to seeing how God may use us together??????

This coming week there are no concrete plans, but I have responded to those emails so I am looking forward to replies and hopefully getting together and meeting some new folks!

Please continue to pray for Stephanie and I as we seek to glorify God and exemplify Christ. We are so blessed and thankful to see the way God is building a community of believers around us as we simply learn to love people and care for them, we are learning more and more that we don’t have to worry so much about making plans and “building” something; that God has people all around us if we simply reach out to them in everyday ways.


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2 responses to “Weekly Update: 09.06.10

  • Bob

    Choosing to walk outside the system is not an easy thing. You are after all, swimming against the tide of common opinion. May the Father bring others across your way that will encourage you on your journey. May you be built up in the knowledge of the grace of Jesus and may we all be joined together in one body according the Fathers purpose. To him be glory and honor forever and ever, Amen

  • Dan Allen


    i appreciate the encouragement!

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