Judging the Judgmental

I tend to be very judgmental. Unlike the stereotypical judgmental attitude I tend not to judge the typical smokers, drinkers, homosexuals, and so on. I tend to judge other Christians and their sincerity and motives. For a long time I felt like this was ok, because I was judging the people who I thought were judgmental and self-righteous. I now see that much of that thinking is incredibly hypocritical. Judging people as judgmental IS Judgmental and self-righteous. What does it take to stop this cycle of judgmentalism? I think a major part of it is looking more at myself and less at others. When I see a problem in myself I tend to turn away from that thinking and begin to judge those who I once aligned myself with, and I begin to align myself with other people who tend to look down on “those” people. Instead of continually seeking to “be in the right group,” I believe it is important to continually question my own motives and desires and outlook. Continually pressing myself forward to become more like Christ, and loving all the other people around me who are struggling to do the same thing. We are all at different places and we all struggle in different ways, but I have spent much of my time seeing the errors in other people’s practices and attitudes and not nearly enough time asking the simple question: “where am I missing the mark?” I pray that God will change my judgmental attitude, and teach me to look at the plank in my eye before attempting to remove the speck from my neighbors.

“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” Matt 7:3


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5 responses to “Judging the Judgmental

  • Stephanie

    I know in my case, I tend to judge those I assume are judging me. It’s a vicious, awful cycle. I need to judge less, and love more – regardless of others opinion’s of me.

  • Fred

    I just wish those darn Pharisees would quit judging those who don’t think like they do and build themselves up as being more righteous. They really mess things up for the rest of us, and… Oh, wait…

    Never mind.

  • Alan Knox

    Perhaps one way of offering grace is refusing to judge those who we think may be judging us?


  • Jon

    I’m with you brother here… far too often. I just wish everyone else would understand the truth the way I now understand it… I used to judge everyone who wasn’t part of my denomination and those who believed false teaching. But now I realize I was following all the wrong traditions and defending all the wrong doctrines. So now I know better and everyone around me is all wrong.


    More likely…

    I used to be wrong. And now I’m still wrong. I need to admit I likely don’t have it all figured out now either. I still have some planks in my eye.

    Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  • Dan Allen


    I think that is a big reason I feel the way I do about people I see as judgmental and self-righteous, because I ultimately think they are judging and looking down on me.


    Those people are so judgmental, I can’t stand them. I’m glad I’m not like them…crap.


    I agree. That is ultimately, like I mentioned to Stephanie, what this all boils down to. Me judging those who I perceive as judging me, but in that estimation I am acting out the very thing that I say I oppose.


    I like that you say “I used to be wrong. And now I’m still wrong.” That is something I constantly have to remind myself of: “Dan, it is very likely that you are wrong.”

    Thanks everyone for your comments!


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