Weekly Update: 09.14.10

I didn’t post this weekend, we were busy and I didn’t have time, but there were a couple things I wanted to record from last week so, while late, here is the weekly update from last week:

Saturday we went to a family reunion. It was Stephanie’s Dad’s family. Many of them I had not met or really talked to for any significant amount of time. They were wonderful and incredibly hospitable and we had a great time! The food was awesome which, if you know me, means that I was pretty happy with the whole thing right there! We ended up talking about the church (somehow this always happens!) and I found out that they are very much involved in a Christ-centered community of believers. They meet with a group of folks who they share their everyday lives with and are close friends with. When they meet different people teach from week to week, and they have an open sharing week once every five weeks or so. Stephanie’s uncle shared with me how they have tried to reduce the overhead for their local gathering so that they can give more to providing for people’s needs. He also explained how they don’t make a major distinction between elders and the rest of the body and try to foster an environment where all the members can participate and be used by the Spirit. I was so glad to hear about what they were doing and so glad to meet them! Hoepfully we will get together again soon and maybe have some more delicious food, maybe play some pool and of course end up having some really great conversations!

Sunday I got a call from my friend John in Freeport. He has met with a couple other families that are interested in gathering on a more regular basis to encourage and edify one another. He invited us to dinner at one of the family’s homes this coming Saturday! We are very excited about this! We appreciate that they thought of us and want to get to know us better and work together with us to become more like Christ! I’m sure there will be more to come on how that all goes on Saturday night…

And since I didn’t post the top posts for the past week I will do so here:

I intend to do a wrap up post on my Assumptions on Participation series and talk some about the implications of what I have said. I appreciate all the feedback!

Please continue to pray for Stephanie and I as we seek to glorify God and become more like Christ in our daily lives. I am so grateful for the people God is bringing into our life to challenge and encourage us!


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