So this is the 100th post here at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine. I can’t begin to explain how the interaction and connections God has brought me through this blog have changed and helped me. I really appreciate the participation from all the readers. I think that is the greatest thing about this blog. I like writing down my thoughts and observations and recording what God is doing in my and Stephanie’s life, but I really like the input that others have given, and to emphasize that I wanted to point out some great comments that I have gotten on here over the past few months:

  • “May your shipwreck not be scuttled without a complete rebuild today; wood or stone to flesh & life.” from Marshall on We’re All Shipwrecks
  • “I was taught growing up, and in Bible college, that while different people might interpret Scripture differently, there was really only one correct way to see it. That was usually the fundamentalist Baptist way. I’m thankful for Alan, you, and others who have broadened my perspective. Sometimes, when I read some of these things, I slap my forehead and say, ‘Duh. Now it makes sense.'” – From Fred on Thinking About Thinking About…
  • “I find that impromptu teaching/encouraging based on what’s going on in each person’s lives can be very beneficial. These times can include scriptural teaching and study as well. I think there is also a benefit to systematic study, because that study will round out our understanding. It will fill in gaps and prepare us for struggles that we will eventually go through, or that others are going through. So, I say, do both!” – From Alan on Official
  • “People say I’m quiet. One reason I am is that I try to speak according to the same kind of criteria that you use. I’ve found that a lot of the things I thought were so important and just had to be said, really weren’t.” –  From Fred on Checklist
  • “I used to be wrong. And now I’m still wrong. I need to admit I likely don’t have it all figured out now either. I still have some planks in my eye.” – From Jon on Judging the Judgmental
  • “Perhaps one way of offering grace is refusing to judge those who we think may be judging us?” – From Alan on Judging the Judgmental
  • “I know in my case, I tend to judge those I assume are judging me. It’s a vicious, awful cycle. I need to judge less, and love more – regardless of others opinion’s of me.” – From Stephanie on Judging the Judgmental
  • “We all just need to wait on our sovereign God who always works it all out for our good and His glory…meaning time is cool, while we think, speak and act, God is working to change us and lead us to His plan. It just gets better and better.” – From Dave on Summer School
  • “May the Father bring others across your way that will encourage you on your journey. May you be built up in the knowledge of the grace of Jesus and may we all be joined together in one body according the Fathers purpose. To him be glory and honor forever and ever, Amen” – From Bob on Weekly Update: 09.06.10
  • “The members of His body are each adequately equipped by Him to minister to each other — and much more.” – From Marshall on Assumptions About Participation: Professional Pastor
  • “While the institution tends to discourage mutual edification on a large level, being out of that is no guarantee that this will happen either. I went to a worship conference this weekend, put on by a dear brother of mine. After all I have said on my blog about community, when the rubber hits the road I am afraid of it, and at a very base level actually do not want to fellowship with those I do not know. I realize now that there is great mistrust among believers, and without a change of heart community will never occur.” – From Mark on Me or Them?
  • “Something I need to be constantly reminded of. Love God. Love others.” – From Stephanie on Love According to Jesus: the command
  • “It is all about motive and heart as you have pointed out. A selfish person is selfish regardless of the setting. Out of the heart comes the things that will defile a person.” – From Bob on Organic vs. Institutional (in me?)
  • “I think you’re on to something too. It seems to me that if a person is “doing” organic church for reasons of selfishness or power hunger, they will soon leave an organic church, either because they can’t stand being around those who are interested in love and service or because they realize that the church doesn’t meet their “needs” any more than than the institutional church did.” – From Fred on Organic vs. Institutional (in me?)
  • “I think this also has to do with our western rationalistic approach. We feel that the theology/doctrine/theory is more important (intellectual, and therefore superior) than the story (little kid stuff). We do this as we share the gospel, and then we continue to do it as we disciple (or preach to/teach the new believers…). We often prefer to study and quote the epistles; rather than learn about, quote, and *follow* Jesus Himself from the gospels, or examine and follow the life of the early church from Acts.” – From Norma on Acts and Romans and The Good News
  • “Peter talks about stirring up the church by putting them in rememberance. In the light of that, what’s better suited at firing up believers than the message of Christ’s substitutionary death, resurrection and session at God’s right hand. Granted, that message saves the lost, but it’s also pretty good at sanctifying the found. The fact that too often we just preach Christ crucified and not Christ risen and reigning is depressing and wrong. But if we were faithful to our Romans approach we wouldn’t make that mistake because Paul hits the Romans with those issues as well.” – From Ben on Acts and Romans and The Good News
  • “it is hard to let go of control and rely only on Christ! And if we find it difficult in our own personal lives, the struggle will only reproduce in the rest… home life, work, community, church etc.” – From Renee on Without Christ?
  • “Humanity is dead at the core and has been since the fall. “In the day you eat thereof..” so in that sense we haven’t changed. That being said, there does seem to be ebbs and flows of fleshly corruption. We see how the thoughts of man became only evil continually in the days of Noah.” – From Bob on Are Things Worse?

This is only half of the comments I would like to share! Please come back tomorrow and read the other half.

Thank you all so much for your comments and participation here. You have truly been used by God to work in my life!


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