101: Not Dalmations

Yesterday was my 100th post. I shared several comments that have been left here that I found encouraging and helpful. There were so many that they spilled into a second post so here is the second half:

  • “When you examine human nature, we have maybe covered it up better than we do know but the core of mankind is still rotten. If you look at the horrors of Nazi Germany or Stalin or the Inquisition or the Roman Empire, are things worse now? Not really, just different.” – From Arthur on Are Things Worse?
  • “Eventually, the professional growers began to go to conferences on high peaks where they would listen to growers with huge greenhouses explain how to better use the techniques of the cactus and thornbush growers to make their greenhouses better.” – From Fred on The Flowers Part 2: Professional Growers
  • “I have a tendency to think sometimes that “everyday things” are “just life” and “not ministry” — at least that was the way I was taught in the past, and I still too often find myself thinking that way and getting discouraged.” – From Norma on Weekly Update: 08.08.10
  • “If we were perfect people, there would be no tensions, but because we’re not there will always be areas of disagreement and conflict. I think the key to living with those unresolved tensions is remembering that Christ is the one in charge, and that our unity is in him, not in our agreement on everything.” – From Fred on Imperfect Members, Perfect Body
  • “I discovered that the need for unity shows up in Scripture far more than any of the topics that people use to divide the church.” – From Jon on Unity in My Terms
  • “The hard part is that Biblical unity means that we may not always get our way, in fact it might mean that we never get our way. Our reward then comes not from winning people to our way but just fellowship itself. It is hard indeed to see unity as something that might mean that I have to make all of the sacrifices instead of the other guy sacrificing for me.” – From Arthur on Unity in My Terms
  • “When we take a few seconds to step back, without analyzing their words (words,words,words…they’re dangerous aren’t they?), but their hearts, often times we find that we’re very similar and in the end desire the same thing…. to love and serve others as a Christ centered community.” – From Stephanie on Unity in My Terms
  • “The church is drastically different when we live with Christ as the head, not just a figure head. We are imperfect, but with Christ as the head we should constantly and consistently be moving toward maturity.” – From Alan on Imperfect Members, Perfect Body
  • “I think that desire and expectation to hear from God needs to go way beyond the devotional-type things we do (prayer, Bible reading, singing, etc) to include every aspect of our lives. We must seek to be AWARE of God’s presence in everything” – From Norma on Things and Reasons
  • “I feel like the teaching of scripture is that God knows and evaluates things by the heart and desires. He knows whether or not we are “going through the motions” by faith in future grace, or in order to maintain appearances, or to follow the formula. So whether or not we follow a formula or not, the main issues that will determine God’s sovereign response is whether or not we are truly seeking Him” – From Jason on Step By Step
  • “The beauty of our walk with & life in Jesus is that it is based on faith, and ‘without faith it is impossible to please Him.’ The law always says, ‘Follow these prescribed steps & you will be ‘right’ with God and grow.’ Grace says……believe and rest!!!” – From Anthony on Step By Step
  • “Just thinking that “doing things step by step” is a me-in-charge-my-works thing, while “walking step-by-step” is learning to tune in to the Spirit and become part of God’s work…” From Norma on Step By Step
  • “We have to be willing to hear from others, and this requires humility. It also requires that we value each member of the body equally. The day we can’t learn from the newest believer is the day we need to repent.” – From Mark on Agree to Disagree: is this enough?
  • “I ended up with my current church family by praying, asking Father, “Where do You want me? I’ll go anywhere… even if it doesn’t fit my ideas…” (That was kind of scary, but I had finally gotten to the point where I wanted what Father wanted, not what I wanted). One winter morning I woke up really early, and decided to take a walk down the street by a local park. I noticed that under some trees, a bunch of grubby looking guys and a few girls were hanging around, eating hot dogs from a barbeque, and huddling around a battered old kerosene heater. As I walked by, this one big guy with tattoos and scruffy hair yelled out, “Hello, sister! God bless you! Want a hot dog?” I thought, “Yikes!” But I was curious so I shyly wandered over. It turned out that this was a gathering of the church, mostly made up of street people, and some people living in poverty, and 3 or 4 other people who Father had called to be part of this particular part of the church in our community. Certainly not what I would have “picked.” But what Father called me to when I left the choice up to Him.” – From Norma on How to Pick?
  • “Is it time for another reformation, or will a revival do? Are there some good things that we can take away from this industrialized model, or do we scrap it and start from scratch. I know God has been changing my views on a lot of things lately, and I have really come to see His love for me, and all of humanity. Maybe it will take people truly seeking God instead of just attending church that will make the difference.” – From Ben on Industrial Christianity
  • “There are many factors that can play into someone never sharing, speaking, serving when the church gathers together. Besides making certain that everyone has an opportunity to take part, I would also listen closely to people when talking to them one-on-one or in a smaller group – say, with spouses. If someone shares something that I think others would benefit from, I would encourage that person then to share it.” – From Alan on Everyone
  • “Just thought I would post an encouragement for you and anyone else. God himself went through this very struggle. He clothed himself in flesh and dwelt among his creation and they didn’t get it for a long time. He just kept doing what was proper fellowship; some left him and finally some got it.” – From Danny on Everyone

I love the interaction that I have gotten on the blog. Thank you all so much for participating over these last couple of months! I look forward to learning more from all of you as we continue to grow in Christ together!


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