Little and Great

In a comment on my post, Trust, Alan Knox linked to a post he had written back in January of 2009, Little Faith or Great Faith. That post talks about the incident where Peter demonstrates little faith while walking on the water, but in contrast it also discusses a gentile woman who demonstrates great faith by continuing to ask Jesus for something that he initially refuses:

A man who walks on water but begins to fear the wind and doubt demonstrates “little faith”. A woman who continues asking Jesus for help, even when he initially refuses, demonstrates “much faith”.

I don’t really have much more to say about these two passages. They are fairly straightforward. I want to be one with “much faith”, but I’m not sure that I would even step out of the boat like the one with “little faith”.

Faith is important in Matthew. I want faith to be an important aspect of my life, too. Every time I think I’m starting to understand faith, I realize how little faith I actually have.

Perhaps one of the first steps of faith is realizing just how little faith we actually have, so that we can honestly call out, “I believe; help my unbelief”.

Something I found interesting that Alan points out is that Jesus tells a man who just literally took a “step of faith” out onto a stormy sea that he has little faith. Would i even begin to think about stepping out of that boat? Probably not, very likely not! Also interesting is the humility with which the woman comes to Jesus. She relates herself to a dog begging for scraps, and maybe in that recognizes her role and more importantly the role of Christ as the one who has the scraps to give so to speak. I don’t know where Peter dropped the ball. I am amazed he even stepped out of the boat, but it appears he forgot somewhere on his walk to Jesus that Jesus is truly able to take care of him, where the gentile woman on the other hand never lost sight of the fact that Jesus had what she needed. Please, if you have the time, read through Alan’s post. It is very much in line with what I have been talking about the last couple of days.


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