So I am thinking about reading through the Bible in a different way then I have before. I want to read whole books as whole books and drop the chapters and verses. I want to read it in a translation I have never read so that I am not familiar with certain “passages” and I want to read it in some kind of chronological order (specifically Acts and the Epistles). Any thoughts? Anything out there like this? I know you can get The Message without verses. Anyone used that? Liked It? My hope is to see larger themes and truths in Scripture by focusing on whole books (letters) instead of certain “key” verses. So yeah, any help on this by some of you more well read folks would be great. Thanks!


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  • Alan Knox

    I like The Message. As long as you understand what type of translation it is, you shouldn’t have any problems. Every translation (even the most “literal”) include paraphrase. There’s no way to get around it. The Message just includes more paraphrase, which makes it more readable.

    Try it.


    • Dan Allen

      Thanks Alan! I think I will. Do you know of any chronological Bibles? or maybe just a chart of the chronology of the books? or maybe where the Epistles fall in Acts?



  • norma hill

    I don’t know if you know any other modern languages, but if you do, read the Bible in that language. If you only know the language a little, obtain an English/other language parallel version. When I read the Bible in French, I saw many things with totally new eyes, so to speak. I ended up reading 3 or 4 different French versions. I highly recommend this!

    • Dan Allen

      That is a great idea! Sadly I don’t know any other languages, like, at all, but thank you for the suggestion! I do know some very basic Greek, and when I come to a familiar passage I like to look at it in Greek because it helps me to, as you put it, see it “with totally new eyes.”


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