Stephanie did a great job conveying our circumstances and the way we responded to them in the last two posts. I am incredibly grateful to her for writing those posts which I know were difficult but helpful to write, and I really appreciate all the people who have let us know they love us and are praying for us. Yesterday was the blog’s highest traffic day, it nearly doubled the previous record. I take this to mean that there are a lot of people out there who care about our family, who relate to the struggles both external and internal that my wife and I went through, that found Stephanie’s honesty and openness encouraging and refreshing, and who hopefully saw the love and strength of the Lord in our lives during a dark time. Maybe it was just because people are nosy and wanted the inside scoop on what has been going on around the Allen home for the last couple of months. I doubt that was the reason.

It has been incredibly encouraging and helpful to see people reach out to us, and I feel like the interaction over the last few days has really helped us step into a new phase/mentality, or more like it has helped us step out of the fog, out of the daze and has helped us look forward and onward and get past the whole thing.

Thank you for continuing to follow the blog, thank you for reading and responding and caring about us. We have truly seen the love of the Body of Christ through this online community.


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2 responses to “Traffic

  • Joyce

    We are so proud of both of you and how you have reached out to everyone. We had an idea of what was going on but did not want to pry. We are always here for all of you and will continue to keep you in our prayers. I know you will pull through this and be better people for it (not that you’re not good people). We all falter now and then but that does not mean we don’t trust in the Lord it just means we are human.
    It sounds like you have handled things very well and I know you will continue to do so. All your friends and family stand behind you 100% and always will.
    Thank you for sharing and I pray that your story does help others find hope where they think it is lost.
    All our love and prayers
    -Joyce & Dave

    • sandy nason

      Dear Dan & Steph, Just wanted you to know that I pray for you every day and this isn’t the end of your story. God is working in your lives and will finish the work that he has begun. Keep looking unto Jesus. I’m sure that God is allowing this trial so someday you will be able to help others in a big way. Love you both Sandy

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