Top 10 of 2010: The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus

For the next few days I want to highlight some of my favorite blogs, particularly those that pertain to the church and life as a believer. These bloggers and their blogs have all impacted the way I think about the church, faith and being a believer. I hope you will get the chance to check some of them out.

10. The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus
Jon Birch

If you are like me the first question you would have about this blog is: What the heck does ASBO mean? The Answer according to Anti Social Behaviour Order – Used against unruly youths who cannot conform to normal society’s rules and regulations.
I have been reading this blog since sometime in 2007. It is a comic strip blog. It’s funny and sometimes sarcastic, sometimes goofy, sometimes encouraging, sometimes convicting. It’s worth checking out.


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