Top 10 of 2010: The Normal Christian

For the next few days I want to highlight some of my favorite blogs, particularly those that pertain to the church and life as a believer. These bloggers and their blogs have all impacted the way I think about the church, faith and being a believer. I hope you will get the chance to check some of them out.

8. The Normal Christian

Anthony is a wicked (that is New England speak for “really”) nice guy. I have appreciated his insightful and kind input in many of the comment sections of posts here at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine as well as some of the great stuff he has written on his blog as well. He is very positive, caring, and encouraging.

From his post: A Letter From a Burdened Heart!

The Christian life IS Jesus……period!  Nothing more…nothing less!!!  It’s not about our pleasures, our lusts, our comfort, etc. NO! It is simply about Him….His desire, His pleasure, His way.  And His life dwells IN you and me.  It’s not HOW we live, but rather allowing HIM to live through us!!!  And corporately we all who are IN Christ make up HIS body. WE together are Jesus (literally) to a lost world here and now!!! Wow! This life IN Christ (the Christian life) is all about Jesus…….beginning, middle and end!!!


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