Top 10 of 2010: From The Pew

For the next few days I want to highlight some of my favorite blogs, particularly those that pertain to the church and life as a believer. These bloggers and their blogs have all impacted the way I think about the church, faith and being a believer. I hope you will get the chance to check some of them out.

7. From The Pew
Steve Scott
I love this blog as well as his From the Front Porch blog, although I don’t want Steve to think I am stocking him because I read his family blog! At From the Pew he has some great thoughts on important stuff like baptism, eschatology, ecclesiology and so on. I always enjoy the Friday Night Potpourri series which takes a somewhat witty look at the everyday happenings in Steve’s life throughout the week (again, I’m not a stocker!) and the subtitles to his blog, which he changes rather regularly, are pretty great as well. Here are a few samples:

  • Because theology is everybody’s task
  • A layman and his keyboard…it’s a beautiful thing.
  • Because sometimes that’s where it needs to come from.
  • Because “From the Row of Interlocking Chairs” wouldn’t make any sense to anybody.

And here is an excerpt from Either Doctrine OR Community:

There has been much tension over the last few decades over the idea of community within a church body.  Many who have left the traditional/institutional church complain about a lack of community.  People go to church every Sunday, sit there, listen to a sermon preached by one person, and go home.  There is relatively little interaction between people concerning the New Testament one-anothers.  As a counter complaint, many within the institutional church claim these newer community groups meet to emote and have social interaction, but forsake doctrine and solid leadership.  Much may be true of each complaint, but why can’t both be part of church?


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