Did You Know?

  1. Stephanie picked me up with this line: “maybe we can talk about how lame those Auto King Infomercials are”
  2. She introduced me to Stephen Colbert
  3. On our first date it was snowing wicked bad, we went to see Juno
  4. On our second date it was wicked cold out, we walked around Portland and ate at IHOP while the 18-0 Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.
  5. I introduced her to Seinfeld and over the next month we watched the entire Nine Season series.
  6. We both like Journey and U2
  7. She likes it when I call her by her middle name, Louise, which she shares with her grandmother, mother, and our daughter Lily
  8. She likes hot sauce, a lot
  9. She likes to use ellipses in emails and Facebook statuses
  10. On our first date while holding her coat I knew we were going to get married
  11. I have gained 60 pounds since she started feeding me
  12. Before we actually met we talked on the phone a lot, we spent several hours discussing election and God’s sovereignty
  13. She hates to be called Steph
  14. In spite of the fact that she has been to Thailand, I introduced her to Pad Thai while we lived in Brunswick
  15. She loves Jane Austin
  16. I introduced her to French Toast, she had NEVER had it before
  17. She is allergic to shellfish
  18. She likes the Harry Potter books and movies
  19. She really likes air fresheners and dryer sheets
  20. She is really good at water skiing which I witnessed while she was 5 months pregnant with Danny
  21. She is a wonderful mother
  22. She is my beautiful wife
  23. She was born on January 13th and is 23 today



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