Theological Education For Heathens?

This is a sincere question: does anyone know of a place to get a conservative theological education where being a Christian and living a certain lifestyle are not prerequisites?

I have not done significant research but the few Bible Colleges/Seminaries I know about or have heard about require a prospective student to at least:

  1. Be a Christian
  2. Be part of a church
  3. Agree to live a certain lifestyle
  4. Answer questions about their current/past lifestyle
  5. Have character recommendations from others

I can’t say why these stipulations are part of the acceptance process to these schools, but it leaves me wondering if it would benefit someone who does not fulfill the above requirements to have the opportunity to study theology in the classroom.


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2 responses to “Theological Education For Heathens?

  • Fred

    I think many of those conservative schools are primarily concerned with training folks who already agree with them and strengthening the beliefs that they already have. Denominational schools tend to focus on producing more workers in those denominations. Some of the schools that I know of would not want a non-Christian in for fear of the effect they might have on the other students.

    • Dan Allen


      I think you are right. I always felt, when I was in Bible College, that unlike other schools where the student was the customer, so to speak, that in Bible College, the denomination was the customer, and the students, not the education, was the product.


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