How To Avoid Conviction: convicted by example

This is a how-to guide on how to avoid those awful feelings of conviction that sometimes nag us on our Christian walk. I hope you find it helpful in relieving those annoying feelings of guilt and painful realizations that you may need to change.

There are certain situations that lead one to feel convicted. Each situation requires a different strategy in avoiding said conviction.

One situation is when you are convicted by someone else’s example. People are always doing things like this: caring for the poor, living out their theological convictions, taking some huge step of faith in obedience to God. You know these people and they make avoiding conviction very difficult. Here are some easy steps to help get away from those bad feelings:

  1. Avoid these people: if they are people known for such obedient selfless behavior they are not people you want to be around. Conviction is nearly inevitable.
  2. While you’re at it, avoid thinking about these people and the fact that you are avoiding them. The sad truth is that if you are intentionally avoiding them you already know their example will make you question your own lifestyle so it is important to try not to think about them and try not to think about the fact that you are not thinking about them.
  3. Try to find dirt on them. If you can prove to yourself that these people have flaws then you can focus on them and you may even be able to feel better then them, feeling superior to someone who does really selfless things is a huge ego boost and can help with any kind of conviction.
  4. If you can’t avoid them, or avoid thinking about them, and you can’t find dirt on them just start hanging out with worse people. To avoid conviction it is always beneficial to be the most moral person in your group of friends. Just be careful of the guy who suddenly breaks rank and does something completely wonderful. Getting shown up by one of your lowlife friends will make avoiding conviction very difficult.

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2 responses to “How To Avoid Conviction: convicted by example

  • Alan Knox

    I usually just jump to #3. It’s easier than thinking about it or trying not to think about it. (Thinking makes my head hurt.) If you can’t find dirt on someone, simply find one reason to discount what they did: “Well, it would have been better if you had done X or if you didn’t do Y.”


  • Fred

    I’m glad someone has finally come up with a guide to avoiding conviction! I keep getting convicted about things, and it’s good to know I can take steps to stop it.

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