Disaster, Generosity, and the New Creation

I read this blog, Backyard Missonary, by a guy named Hamo in Australia. I really enjoy what he has to say, which is sometimes very funny but nearly always insightful. Today I read his post, Mateship Tax … Really?, about the floods in Eastern Australia and how the government has responded to this natural disaster. He explains that charity and selflessness are a foreshadowing of the New Creation. I haven’t read much about this flooding and people’s response to it so I thought I would pass along what he had to say:

[I]t has been inspiring to see the way in which so many Australian people have either dug deep financially or have given physical assistance. Last night on the news I watched the story about the entire Swan Districts Football Club who had flown to Brisbane to lend a hand and spent their time shoveling mud out of a woman’s backyard, followed by a ‘good night’s sleep’ on mattresses in a community hall. It was a wonderful story of selfless giving.

Spontaneous generosity is a beautiful thing and offering genuine ‘no strings’ help to people in need is a sign that there is much goodness in this world. Jesus would say this is a sign of God’s future kingdom – of a coming day when there will be no pain, suffering or inequality – of a time when everyone has enough and when the whole world is restored to its original beauty – what the Bible calls the ‘new creation’.


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