ipoet laureate: a very unique blog

I really like this hip hop group who go by the name Deep Space 5. All those guys have been making really great stuff both collectively and individually. Two of my favorite MCs are Greg Owens and Dan Smith who are both part of DS5. I have also been incredibly impressed by dustbrandfilms by DS5’s DJ Dust.

Well I just found a blog by, sintaxtheterrific, another member of DS5. It is called ipoet laureate and the cool, unique, really pretty awesome thing about this blog is that it is composed of hip hop songs. The posts are raps! From his about page, in explanation of what he is doing he says:

Current  events and social justice have always been an important element of my own music.  The delay between writing a song and officially publishing it to the world, however, can rapidly date cultural and political commentary in an artist’s lyrics. Unlike a blog which can speak immediately to an event, the process of music production and distribution necessarily comes at the expense of timeliness. I saw ipoetry as an opportunity to create running commentary set to music. A news report in a song.  Or a blog set to song.

So I would certainly encourage you to check it out just for the simple novelty of it, but especially if you are a fan of hip hop and pretty solid lyricism. He covers current event topics like:

Just as an FYI the actual songs are at the end of the posts which sometimes consist of lyrics and sometimes consist of an explanation of the song.

I am very impressed with yet another very cool contribution to the creative world by a member of DS5. Thanks for making great stuff guys!


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