Danielson interview

I am a big fan of Danielson or Danielson Famile as they used to be called. But they hadn’t put out an album in about five years so when I came across this interview with Daniel Smith at Stereo Subversion I was pretty excited to find out that they have a new album coming out in February.

I know a lot of my readers probably don’t have the same taste in music as I do, but I just wanted to share the link to the interview because maybe you might like the music but also because I enjoyed reading how important this guy’s family is to him. His career revolves around his family, not the other way around which is pretty common in both the “Christian” and “Secular” markets. He hardly ever tours. Why? Because he wants to be around for his family. He built a studio at his home. Why? So he could be around his family. He records all his own stuff. Why? Because going somewhere else to record would take him away from his family. From the interview:

Years ago, I decided the best way for me to make a living was to have a family. That was very important for me. To try to mix being in the music business with family is the cliche — the toughest thing to do. At the same time, that’s what I’m set to do.

What that means is much less touring and being around here much more often. You spend a lot more time recording other bands and keeping things as do-it-yourself as possible in terms of recording and releasing things on our own label and things like that.

and here is the video for “Grow Up” off of the upcoming album Best of Gloucester County:

Thanks to Opus for the link to the interview


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