Some Posts on Egypt

Obviously the stuff going on in Egypt right now is very big news so obviously people are sharing their thoughts on it. I just wanted to point to a few posts that I have read on the subject that I thought were worth passing along:

Rube Goldberg of Riot at ipoet laureate: This is the hip-hop-commentary-on-current-events blog I linked to in a post last week. Some thought provoking content in the song Dominoin’:

Yemen to Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia
dominoin’ riots ’cause the population’s eager
to throw off the shackles and push back the meager
crumbs at the table of a Nubian Caesar.

Egypt and Persecuted Christians at The Navy Christian: Dan’s blog gives the perspetive of a believer in the military so I was certainly interested to hear his thoughts on the riots and conflict in Egypt. He considers the potentially positive  affect these events could have on believers in that region:

Egypt is part of Christianity’s history, from essentially the start until the Muslim expansion just prior to the Crusades. It would be nice if these governmental changes result in Egypt once again regaining some prominence in the church.

On the unrest in countries like Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan at Islam and Christianity: Like the previous mentioned blog, I was particularly interested in reading what Abu had to say on this topic considering that he is located in the Middle East, is a believer, and has a thorough knowledge of Islam. he explains that, while unrest and rioting are not uncommon in the middle east, the demands in this particular situation are certainly bold and unusual:

You can’t call for the top guy to be replaced, or to leave, or to step down, or anything. In fact, you should not even mention him, unless you are saying, hey this guy needs to save us from these corrupt jerks. Then it’s ok. Well, that’s not what is happening in Egypt. The police are out of play, widely despised by people in general. Now the military has been called in, and what of that? Even if one or two main commanders tell their troops, you know, we’re here to defend Egypt from Israel and Libya and fill-in-the-blank, so we’re just not going to get invovled in this, either way….well, that will end up being decisive. If a couple of influential commanders do that, then a new regime in Egypt is not impossible.


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