Two New Subversive Books

Subversive Interviews

Judge a book by it's cover? This one looks good!

I just read a post on Keith Giles blog, subversive1, that he will have two new books available within the next couple of months. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read his book, The Gospel: For Here or To Go? I would highly recommend it.

His next book to come out is titled Subversive Interviews and contains, well, interviews. He interviews some prominent figures in today’s Christian community like Dallas Willard, Neil Cole, Matt Redman, Frank Viola and lots of other people. I would assume by the statement “it will be available in the next week or so on my blog” that it will be available for free download like his other books, but I would also encourage you to support him by buying hard copies of his books.

And he also mentioned that he has another book, This is My Body, being published within the next couple of months.

I’m looking forward to these books and would certainly encourage you to check out all of Keith’s stuff at his blog subversive1.


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