Dave King: Conversations w/ Friends

This is the first of hopefully a series of videos, Conversations with Friends. In this video I sit down with my grandfather-in-law Dave King and talk about his work in Ukraine, what he’s been learning as he prepares to teach a homiletics class, and how God ordained the ice storm of ’98 to get him on the mission field. As I said, this is the first of a hopeful series so please feel free to share your thoughts, how I can improve these, is it too long, too short, or whatever other suggestions you might have. Thanks!



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2 responses to “Dave King: Conversations w/ Friends

  • Ron Sargent

    Hey, Dan! The interview with Dave King was great! I am looking forward to the next one already! You and Dave were just getting started with a topic that I especially appreciated – Biblical Counseling!

    • Dan Allen


      I agree. I think what we call “Biblical Counseling” has a powerful application to everyday discipleship. I’m sure Dave and I will be able to do plenty of these sit downs together.

      thanks for reading the blog.


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