We’re All in the Pigpen

Sort of along the same lines as what I was talking about in my previous post, Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like wrote a really great honest post, The Problem with the Pigpen, about trying to win God’s favor. He explains it in terms of the prodigal son. The father didn’t take the son back because he cleaned himself up. In his article Jon explains that God was working in his heart asking him, “Did I love the prodigal son more when he was in the pigpen or in my arms?”

I think we’re all really in the pigpen most of the time and to think that we can do anything to get out of it or to make ourselves worth God’s love is absurd, and to think that it is in any way up to us would be terrifying and overwhelming. Jon goes on to say:

I’m tired of believing in a God who gives “sometimes love.” As in sometimes he loves me, sometimes he does not. And above all, I’m tired of believing in a God who does not love sinners. Especially since there are a billion verses in the Bible that say just the opposite. One of my favorite is Matthew 9:10-13.Falling down, being broken and a sinner doesn’t prevent me from his love, it makes me perfect for his love. It makes me exactly who Christ came for, not the righteous, but sinners. And it’s not a gift he gives once, because I sacrificed and had a good January. It’s a gift he gives continually, like mercy.

Check out the rest of his post. You’ll most likely connect with it.


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