Selling the Pope

Don’t you love it when you get free money? I mean, like, you find a few quarters under the couch cushions, or when you find a couple bucks in a jacket you haven’t worn in a while, or you learn that the government is holding money for you that you had no idea about (this really happens; in fact it happened to me). Well, anyway, I was on cafepress the other day to set up for something exciting that I am launching on the site in the next few days (you are really excited, right?), and I noticed that I still had a store up from the last time I had been on … in 2007. Well, interestingly enough, that store has done ok. I have sold 30 items over the last three years, and not just all at the beginning. My second biggest month was July of 2010. So what is this design of mine that people all over America are buying? See for yourself:

The Pope is my HomeboySo it appears that people are walking all over our great country sporting this snazzy design of mine on their:

  • T-Shirts
  • Trucker Hats
  • and my personal favorite: their babies’ onesies!

These are all products that people have actually purchased with this design on them! So funny, and I’ve made about 50 bucks off it, so not bad for doing nothing.

If you want your very own, wildly popular, “The Pope is my Homeboy” apparel, mugs, or stationary you can check out my store at cafepress.


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