Catholic Church demonstrates inconsistency … – Examiner Article

I have posted a new Religion and Politics article at the Portland, ME Examiner:
Catholic Church demonstrates inconsistency with stance on Preble Street

While this post may seem like an attack on Catholicism by a Protestant, it is not, by any means, intended that way. In all honesty, it is more a plea to the Catholic Church, as a group that represents Christ to the community here in Maine, to demonstrate Christian love for those in need. It is intended to call all Christians to love and care for those in need and to question their preferential treatment of those who can aid their personal agendas.

Here is an excerpt:

The Catholic Church pulled funding from an organization that provides vital services to the poor and homeless in Portland. The concern was that Preble Street was supportive of gay marriage, a position that the Catholic Church opposes. Only a year later the Catholic Church honors the very lawmakers who legalized gay marriage

If you get the chance, please read the full article, and share your thoughts. Thanks.


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