Good Reads

Going through my reader this morning I came across quite a few really great posts. I linked to them in the “Shared Items” section to the left, but I thought I would spotlight a few that really stood out. If you have the chance check them out.

  • Shepherds without Sheep at NT/History Blog. I was pointed to this blog for the first time about a week ago and have really enjoyed Bill’s posts. In this post he explains that the common practice of shepherding was for someone to hire another person to shepherd their sheep. While the sheep did not belong to the shepherd himself, he cared for them as though they did. The good shepherds were willing to die for the sheep under their care, but the ultimate goal was to please the owner. He draws some parallels between this and Jesus’ role, and the role of the modern pastor. Really interesting!
  • Riches come through community, not individualism at Deconstructing Neverland. In this post Bobby looks at Ephesians 3 and points out that it seems (pretty clearly) to indicate that God works through communities of believers. This, of course, calls into question the common practice of a mostly one man show when the church is gathered.
  • This week’s World Vision Wednesday post at On the Journey. Fred discusses the value of beginning with common ground when reaching out to Muslims. I think this may be a good principle in general, and something that we see in Paul’s ministry in Acts.
  • Cry Like Your Born at ipoet laureate. This is one of my new favorite blogs. I have already mentioned it once before. In this post Joe (Sintax.the.terrific) talks about the current situation in Egypt, it’s impact on other countries in the area, and the hope that it will result in freedom for the people there, and as usual the rhymes are as musically talented as they are meaningful.

So, like I said, there is lots of great stuff out there. Take a minute to check it out, and if you aren’t subscribed to any of these blogs, you should be. They all write great stuff on a regular basis!


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2 responses to “Good Reads

  • Bobby


    Thanks for the shout out. You have taken on a heavy task writing for the Examiner on Christianity and politics. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I don’t have that kind of time to sign up. Sometimes I feel as though I am neglecting more important things to write when I do so I’m glad my writing is making an impact. It doesn’t seem like I’m wasting my time when I see God working through my meager efforts.

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