Contest Reminder and Update

Christian Cuss Word Flowchart Mug

The Christian Cuss Word Contest is halfway through. Ten people are participating so far. If 15 more people enter, then the prize is upped from postcards to this snazzy coffee mug! So next time you are sipping a hot cup o’ joe and burn your tongue, you can have a handy guide to help you determine the appropriate word to use.

I have also decided to reward those folks who are willing to promote the contest. Here is the deal:

  • If you haven’t entered the contest, do it now!
  • Once you have entered you get entry into the hat
  • Link to the contest on Twitter and reference me (@danallensr) in it so I know
  • Or, post a link on your Facebook wall and reference me (@Dan Allen Sr.) so I know
  • Or, post a link on your blog to the contest.
  • Anyone who does any of these will earn one more entry for each.
  • So ultimately you have up to four chances to win.

I have really enjoyed everyone’s funny car stories, and I look forward to, hopefully, a few more!


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