Gay marriage… – Examiner Article

I have posted a new Religion and Politics article at the Portland, ME Examiner:
Gay marriage, an important issue to Mainers, gets some federal support

Obama is essentially repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. I figured it was a good opportunity to share my thoughts on the issue of gay marriage. Here is an excerpt:

The government does not legitimize a marriage, God does. Fighting gay marriage has no value. If God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman, which I believe He did, then that is what makes a marriage.

I’m sure that not everyone agrees with me on this topic so please, if you get the chance, read the rest of the article and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions either here or on the examiner article itself. Thanks.


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5 responses to “Gay marriage… – Examiner Article

  • Mark


    I agree 100%. It profits us nothing, and in fact harms our witness, and the testimony of the Kingdom. When we continually fight in the natural realm to enforce laws that are built into OUR hearts internally we come across to the world, and rightfully so, as hypocritical and judgemental. Especially, as someone else I read pointed out, when the marital track record of the church is in reality worse than the track record of the world.


    • Dan Allen

      I think you are right about it hurting our witness, and I think your reasons are dead on. It has nothing to do with having soft opinions on moral issues, it has to do with the hypocrisy of using worldly authority to enforce spiritual convictions. great thoughts! Thanks!


  • Fred

    Excellent post, Dan. I think the church should stay out of the debate. If the government wants to recognize same sex civil unions, marriages, whatever, that’s their business. When Isaac took Rebecca into his mother’s tent and she became his wife, I don’t think they had to get a license or have a licensed authority perform a marriage ceremony.

    I understand that in Europe, there is a distinction between a govt. recognized civil union and a church sanctioned marriage.

    • Dan Allen

      I think you are right about the European thing. I would be fine with the government calling all the relationship contracts they endorse civil unions. It would allow for much more clarity on the issue.


  • Kara

    Mark, I feel a sense of conviction of what you are saying, indeed. However I think that in a democracy, we are entitled to (and I think right to) as christians put forward the biblical idea of marriage as well. I also think we need to advocate for rights of SSCs in all areas (I’m in Australia here- at present the laws change from state to state- no consistency- although there have been more rights recognised in the last few years).. My letter to my local parliamentarian has been one of ‘no to marriage, but yes to civil unions’- because I want to make clear the distinction- just as a citizen with a voice…I see no harm in that.

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