Thoughts: not quite posts

I couldn’t really think of a post to write today, but I have had a lot of ideas floating around in my head so I thought I would share them.

  • The Pendulum of theology and religion is simply a symptom of Reactionary Theology. True pursuit of truth would place very little importance on what is popular, or unpopular for that matter.
  • Sometimes I wonder if, in an attempt to recognize the influence culture has on us, I am actually just being a product of my culture. I live in a world where questioning everything, and seeking a broader (from various cultures, and various times) understanding must be at least loosely associated with the popularity of Postmoderinity. To be consistent, should this idea itself, to take into consideration various opinions through history and various cultures, be weighed in the balance of history and various cultures? I feel like this is a bit paradoxical.
  • Is there a theological language spell-checker out there that actually includes words like postmillennialism and echlesiology? (suggestions from my spell-checker when writing the previous two words: neocolonialism and neurophysiology respectively)
  • Something interesting I recently read about in the Bonhoeffer biography I am working through is that when Bonhoeffer comes to America he notices that the people lack theological depth, but demonstrate a much stronger sense of community and service to those in need then the people in Germany.
  • Why do people fast? What is the point?

I guess that is about it.


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