Would the @realrobbell Please Stand Up?

So, it appears that a web developer in Northern England has been thrown into the spotlight over the last couple weeks. Why? You should ask him; Find him on Twitter @robbell. It appears that he has been labelled a heretic and condemned by many in the American Evangelical Christian community including John Piper! Rachel Held Evans interviews the Web Rob Bell on her blog:

The weirdest [tweets referring to @robbell], before I knew what was going on, [were] the multiple “Farewell @robbell” messages. “I’m not going anywhere,” thought I! Christians are a fairly respectful bunch, I’ve found – no personal insults, just a few cries of “heretic” and some denouncements. I took it all in good humour though. It was just a bit surreal…very Monty Phython’s “Life of Brian” – “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

Monty Python? How irreverent can you get? Maybe it is good that this guy has been called out!

Seriously though, how funny is all that? Hopefully it made some over-zealous angry people feel a little silly and maybe laugh a little. It’s good to laugh a little, even with universalists and web developers running around in the world!


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One response to “Would the @realrobbell Please Stand Up?

  • Dan Allen

    I only just realized that I condemned @robbell for his irreverent reference to Monty Python, yet the title of my post pays homage to an Eminem song. Irony? Sorry Rob.

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