Alan Knox: Conversations w/ Friends

This is the fifth post in the Conversations With Friends series. In this interview I talk with my good friend, mentor, and inspiration to start blogging, Alan Knox from The Assembling of the Church. When you hear this interview you will understand why I am so arrogant and full of myself. With a mentor who says things like “I am God’s gift to mankind” (that may be taken out of context!) it’s not surprising that I am the way I am! Seriously though I appreciate Alan taking the time to talk with me and if you read Alan’s blog you will probably find this interesting. If you don’t read his blog you should check it out.

Check out the rest of the interviews here at the Blog or on my Vimeo ‘Conversations w/ Friends’ channel

also, I apologize for clearing my throat so much in this. I wasn’t feeling great.


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