Probably Mediocre

The Mediocre Deli – “where the food isn’t great, but it doesn’t suck either.”

Probably Auto – “We can fix your car … most likely.”

I promise that in my area there are businesses named Probably Auto and The Mediocre Deli (although I did make up the slogans). You can check Google Maps if you don’t believe me. I have no idea why anyone would name their businesses such uninviting names, but, lets be honest, if most businesses were named more honestly then it is likely that there would be lots of Mediocre Delis and Probably Autos out there.

What if churches were named more honestly? Instead of the fluffy spiritual sounding names we sometimes give churches to make them seem more appealing with words like “life,” “renew,” “family,” and so on, maybe we could name our churches more along the lines of what we teach and demonstrate.

Here are some ideas:

We've all done it... why not go to a church that promotes it?


They've got the band, they've got the lights, they've got the soul patch

There is nothing wrong with thinking you are better than other people when it's true

Here I stand, because it would be too much work to walk over there

I see a church split in the near future, but for now sit back and enjoy the fight

What do you think? Would this kind of honesty bring in new converts? It may at least cut down on all those people calling Christians hypocrites, I mean you can’t really call someone a hypocrite who is being completely honest about their own attitude, beliefs, and actions, can you?


For those of you who have missed my Sign of the Times series, I hope you enjoyed these!


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5 responses to “Probably Mediocre

  • Alan Knox

    I’ve always been amazed that some churches would call themselves “Corinth” (when the region around them is not called Corinth). Have these people read about the Corinthians?

    I think you left out a few: Church of the Orator, We were Great in the Sixties Church, and At Least We’re Not Them Church. I’ve spent time in each of those.


    • Dan Allen

      Maybe the Corinth churches are just practicing that honesty I was talking about in the post. Who knows?

      I like your examples as well! You can certainly tell the ‘We Were Great in the Sixties’ Church by the colors they use in their buildings. Love those orange and yellows!

      • Alan Knox

        A true “We Were Great in the Sixties” Church (I wonder if that’s a denomination…) takes things far beyond the color of the carpet, although I would not suggest changing the carpet, or the pews, or the hymnals, or … For instance, you’ll often hear about their great pastor from X years ago, or their wonderful bus ministry, or their record baptism…


      • Alan Knox

        I’m so excited that I remembered to “reply” to your comment! 🙂


  • Dan Allen

    So In the sixties did they have “We were great in the 30’s” churches?

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