Dear Commenters

Dear Commenters,

I appreciate the comments from everyone on my series of posts on depression (This is Serious,Through: not Out, and Clarity), and it is clear that you all seem to care a great deal for people who face this difficult struggle, but please consider this word of caution as you comment: this is not some theoretical discussion; there are people who really suffer with this everyday. It is important to remember those people and their perspective as we discuss depression as outsiders. How does someone who actually suffers depression read these comments, and what perception will it give them of those who are commenting and the larger community that we represent? I do not say this to imply any kind of answer, but simply as a word of caution as this is a very controversial and many time emotionally charged topic of discussion. Thanks again for all your contributions, and I pray that this has been helpful to everyone reading and commenting.

Consider this anonymous comment I received yesterday: “you folks are much more educated and the arguments that are being made are far beyond my own understanding.”

But the reality is that this person knew more about this subject than anyone who has sat in a class, read a book, or had an intellectual discussion on this subject because this person knew of these things first hand.

It is not my intention to, in any way, discourage commenting and discussion on this topic, or on this blog in general. I simply ask that we consider the impact that our words have, not just on those who we are conversing with, but on those for whom this struggle is very real.

Thank you all so much for contributing your thoughts here. It has made this conversation very fruitful.



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