The “Easy” Way Out: Hello Bottle

A lot of people (who have never faced the struggles of depression and anxiety firsthand) think that medication is an easy way out when it comes to dealing with depression and anxiety issues. For those people I would suggest you read this poem, Hello Bottle, to gain a  little perspective.

Here are the first few lines:

Hello, bottle.
You know why I’ve come.
My ball and chain
And My freedom.

Please read the rest, and please consider these struggles and feelings when making statements about depression and medication. Many of us have no idea what this struggle is like and we should be much more eager to listen, understand, and love than to share our misguided and ill informed judgments and opinions.


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One response to “The “Easy” Way Out: Hello Bottle

  • Tino11

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this poem. Its a great piece and I am so pleased I got to read it as they are so easily missed.

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