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So a couple weeks ago I wrote a series of posts that discussed my thoughts on depression (This is Serious,Through: not Out, and Clarity). Those posts received quite a bit of traffic and comments (all three of them made it into my top ten posts of all time, that week I had a record number of unique page visits, and between the three posts there were 89 comments). Many people, both those who agreed with my position and those didn’t, treated the subject with the respect and sensitivity that I feel is incredibly necessary and too often overlooked and ignored.

I was on vacation last week. I wanted to spend all my time with my family. I didn’t write or read anything. It was nice to spend that time with my wife and kids without my normal distractions, and it was good to take a break after the conversation on the blog the previous week. It left me drained and somewhat hungover on the subject, so to speak.

It is a new week, but I’m still not quite ready to move on to a new subject. I think that there were a lot of really great comments that may have gotten buried in the string of discussion that I would really like to draw to the forefront. to do that I intend to post those comments (having received permission from the commenters) as their own blog posts. These highlighted comments will not be simply from those who agree with me at all points, but from those who I felt contributed respectfully and significantly to the conversation. If you read something of yours that I have posted and have misrepresented you, please let me know either in a comment or by email. I have no intention of misrepresenting people or their perspective. I simply want to draw out these comments to let others see them and possibly gain some insight from them. Many of these comments were left by people who actually practice medicine and/or from those who participate in Nouthetic Counseling, so I think their perspectives are worth considering, even just to “hear it from the horses mouth” if you find that your views contradict theirs.

I will start that tomorrow and it will probably take me a couple weeks to work through them all. I realize that this won’t be incredibly exciting for the people who have taken part in, or read along with, the conversation, but I am getting more and more search hits on things like “Christian views on depression,” “Christian counseling and depression,” “Depression and sin” and so on and I think this would be beneficial for the people who stumble onto the blog looking for information on this topic.


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