Mourning with those that mourn

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. – Rom 12:15 NKJV

Recently two people in my life have lost a parent. It is very easy as a Christian to want to jump in and try and give those people answers and take these times as “opportunities” to share the Gospel, but I think that sometimes it is important to simply mourn with them. They are hurting and if we care about them how can that not hurt us as well? I’m sure that they are not looking to be attacked with the Gospel, but will be much more encouraged by someone genuinely sharing in their pain, someone demonstrating how important that person is by being truly and deeply upset by the hurt that person is feeling.

Jesus wept with Mary and Martha although he knew that he would raise their brother from the grave, not to mention he knew that he was about to provide the way to overcome death and grant abundant eternal life to all who follow him. He didn’t say any of this to them. He saw their hurt and it hurt him and he cried. Not for any kind of demonstration or to make any point, just because he loved them and their hurt troubled his spirit.

It is difficult to see the people we love in pain. We can’t always take that pain away, but if we truly care for them we will feel that loss along with them and mourn along side them. Please pray for my friends who have lost their loved ones. Pray that they might find peace and comfort in Christ and his resurrection.


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