Dead and Domestic Poetry

My wife, Stephanie, who blogs at Dead and Domestic, has written and published a few poems over the last week that deal with some struggles that are very real to her, and I believe are very real to many other people. If you have a chance to check them out I’m sure she would appreciate it. They are very honest and, in my unprofessional opinion, extremely well written. I have posted the links below with an excerpt from each.

Hello, Bottle.

Hello, bottle.
You know why I’ve come.
My ball and chain
And My freedom.

Good morning, misery

They tell me that i’m worthless
I have nothing left to give
They ask me why i try so hard
to sleep, to breath, to live?


I see the saddness in your eyes
your confusion grows and grows
but you understand the hurt i feel
is more than anybody knows


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