More Honest Song Lyrics

So yesterday I tweeted a few song lyrics under the #lessexcitingsongs hashtag. the gist of this was to take a song that had strong or extreme lyrics and tone them down so they were boring. It was fun. Some of the lyrics people came up with were pretty funny, but then I saw a few “praise and worship” songs being tweaked and it made me think: these lyrics may be less exciting, but certainly they are more true. Take this one for example:

@marklake: I surrender some things #lessexcitingsongs

But isn’t this true. Who can seriously say that they have surrendered all to Christ? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m selfish and a jerk and I’m sure there are a million areas in my life that need to be surrendered. So why do we lie in our “praise and worship” songs? Why do we say things like “I surrender all” or “I give you my all” or “All this is for You” or all our thousands of other religious platitudes? Maybe next time I sing a song to God it will sound more like this:

God you are awesome and great and all that
But I usually don’t feel it
And I usually just want to do the stuff that makes me happy right now
But a part of me would really like to be closer to you
And care more about you and the things you care about
So I just wrote you this song to tell you that stuff

So I am trying to be “worshipful” here God
But I’m kinda worried about what these other people think of me
I don’t want them to think I look silly
But I don’t want them to think I’m worried about what they think
Should I raise my hands Jesus?
Maybe I should at least bounce around a little to the music

I would like you to bless me
And I would like to do things that make me feel good about myself
And doing things that you seem to care about usually makes me feel pretty good
But that’s all really hard
And I usually drop the ball
But I’m at least not going to try to make any grand promises that I will never live up to

Jesus, what do you think I should have for supper?
I’m dying for a cheeseburger
Sorry I’m supposed to be focused on you
It’s hard not to focus on focusing on you
Does that even make sense?
I hope I can sit down soon; my feet are killing me.

I’m sure none of that sounds super spiritual or very righteous, but I don’t think it’s any better to lie about everything being about Jesus and how you are going to surrender everything to him when he knows and you know that your life doesn’t reflect that. Maybe your life does, mine sure doesn’t.


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